About Tom Catrow:
Personal Chef, Catering Services, and Restaurant Consulting

I’m a personal, professional chef and caterer who also offers restaurant menu consulting services to local restaurants. I work throughout Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach, CA.
For more than 25 years, I have been developing my skills as a chef. I pursued a career in culinary arts because I have a deep appreciation for the role food plays in our homes, families, and communities. I believe having comfortable access to elegantly prepared meals makes my clients’ lives more full and relaxed.
Hospitality and Food Service
Moved from Executive Sous Chef to Executive Chef
Restaurant openings
Includes a restaurant in Pleasanton for John Madden.
Wedding Catering
I have catered over 100 weddings.
Event Catering
I have prepared meals for the King of Portugal and the Archbishop of San Francisco, among many others.
Private Chef
I was hired as a chef by NBA players all across the country.

In each of these roles, I picked up more knowledge. I developed my craft.

I am now proficient in a diverse mixture of cooking techniques and world food influences. (Learn more about my chef specialties here.) I have also learned how to cook with dietary restrictions in a way that preserves the taste, variety, and depth of meals so you don’t miss out on enjoying food because of your diet. (To see more about my personal chef services to match any diet, click here.

I love the benefits that high-quality, healthy food choices bring to my life, especially when prepared with skill and care. I am passionate about building those benefits for my clients as well. If you’re ready to bring fine dining into your home, event, or restaurant while also conveniently taking tasks like grocery shopping off your to-do list, call me at
(949) 469-0604 today. You can also learn more about all of my chef services here. I work in and around Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach, California.

Simplify Your Life. Excite Your Tastebuds.

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